Clicking on a link to a pdf usually takes you to the first page. This post explains how to edit the link so that clicking on it takes you to a specific page within the pdf.

In fact, all you have to do is find the page number you want to link to, and add a bit of extra text to the end of your link:

#page=[page number]


I want to send a link to a toolkit I wrote about organising an exhibition as a way of sharing research findings. It’s stored in an online repository so I can use the link:

This takes us to the first page of the pdf:


If I want to link to the section about how to plan exhibition space, I need to find the page number, which in this case is page 3. So I need to add: #page=3 to the end of the link:

Clicking the new link takes us straight to the space planning section on page 3: