The cucamelon harvest.

The cucamelon harvest.The whole harvest.

Cucamelons are supposed to taste like a cucumber with a twist of lime. They are supposed to look like a cross between a cucumber and a tiny melon. They are also supposed to be easy to grow (that is, easier than your average cucumber).

So how did they actually turn out? I started the seeds off in a heated propagator and planted out with slug protection, two plants in the allotment and two in pots. Three plants didn’t do very well and one produced a nice little plant which climbed dutifully round a cane support. It produced flowers, and started to put out little fruitlets.

None of the fruit grew more than a few millimetres before falling off. Except the one in the picture which I spotted today in mid-October. It tasted as promised and was nice and crisp. If only I’d managed to grow more than one, I’m sure I’d have enjoyed them as snacks and in salads.

Given that you’re supposed to be able to lift the roots and replant for next year, I’ll be giving these another go next year, replanting this year’s plants and trying some from seed.